How to find your size


How to find its size?

Option # 1

Find your finger size in the blink of an eye with our adjustable ring sizer here. Just pull it like a tie wrap, put it on comfortably and read the number pointed by the arrow to find your size. Measurements include sizes 1 to 17 as well as half points.




Note that this ring sizer is wider than most of our rings for women (1.5 mm ring). This is why it is best to order 1/4 or 1/2 smaller than the size you are comfortable with the ring sizer. It is also recommended to measure several times at different times of the day in order to get the most accurate measurement. 

How do I know if the size is right?

The size of the ring that you are most comfortable with may vary from person to person. Some prefer a tighter fit and others prefer more loose. The ring should slide easily and come out with a little resistance to avoid losing it when washing your hands. Thin rings (1 or 1.5 mm ring body) are easier to slip on the finger than larger rings. This must be taken into account when choosing the size. Do not hesitate to contact us if in doubt.

Option # 2

You can find the size of a ring by measuring the inside diameter. Just take a ring worn on the same finger as the one you want to order (left hand for the engagement ring) and measure the inside diameter with a millimeter ruler. Note that each millimeter is important to determine the size, you must measure precisely!




Option # 3

Go to a jewelry store to have your finger measured by a professional. The person will be able to advise you on the correct size. This step can be interesting to do beforehand as a couple with a view to a future purchase of a ring.

Is it possible to adjust a ring?


Our sterling silver rings can be exchanged or adjusted for free.


Our gold rings can be adjusted for free the first time.

How to proceed for the adjustment?

Option # 1

Take an appointment and come see us at the workshop to properly measure your finger and leave the ring to us. We will keep it for a maximum of 7 working days to do the sizing.

Option # 2

Contact us via the tab CONTACT for more details regarding returns by mail. Please note that the delivery costs are entirely your responsibility during the process and that the package is under your responsibility. We are not responsible for any loss. We strongly recommend using the Express option with signature and insurance for jewelry over $ 100.