Silver : We use sterling silver (925) to make of most of our collections. This hypoallergenic metal, however, can cause allergies to people who are very sensitive. We recommend opting for solid gold jewelry to avoid reactions. Note that silver is a metal that oxidize under certain conditions. On the other hand, it will never turn green on your skin like some poor quality jewelry.

Gold : We use 10k and 14k gold in our collections. These two hypoallergenic metals are recommended for people with metal sensitivity.

Gold filled : Gold filled is made by a process of coating a bronze wire with a layer of 14k gold. This solid gold substitute is the best, lower cost option for jewelry made with gold color. Since the gold layer is quite thick, this metal should not cause any allergy. Please note that most of our earrings made with the gold filled wire have sterling silver rods at the back.

Gold plating 1 micron : Our gold bracelets and necklaces are plated with a layer of 1 micron 14k gold. The earrings are plated with a thinner layer of gold but without nickel.