Maksym jewelery is guaranteed against all manufacturing defects during normal use, for a limited period following the date of purchase:


3 months for sterling silver, 14K goldfilled or 14K gold plated jewelry.

1 year for jewelry in solid gold, platinum or other precious metals, with or without stones.


Defective jewelry will be repaired free of charge, upon presentation of the purchase invoice. Standard shipping will be free after repair.



Jewelery damaged due to prolonged use, improper use or following an accident.

Maksym jewelry repaired by another jeweler.



Contact us at Please tell us what the breakage is and provide us a photo of the jewel. Also provide us a photo of the purchase invoice, where we can clearly see the point of sale, as well as the date of purchase of the jewel. Following this, we will provide you with the details for the mailing or for an appointment for the deposit of the jewelry to be repaired.