Our tips for maintaining the luster of your sterling silver jewelry

1- It is not recommended to store your sterling silver jewelry in the bathroom since humidity contribute to oxidation. Instead, opt for a dry place like the bedroom or your closet.

2- Cosmetic products can alter the color of silver. That's why it's best to spray your perfume and let it dry before putting on your jewelry. The components of these products can even alter the surface of your pearls by damaging the nacre.

3- The oxygen contained in the air also contribute the oxidation of sterling silver. The copper alloy that composes it makes it more sensitive. The best way to protect them is to store them in small plastic bags like '' ziplock ''.

4- Avoid swimming in a chlorine pool or going to the spa with your silver jewelry. Again, moisture and chemicals can cause them to oxidize. Cleaning products should also be avoided when wearing rings, for example. Wear gloves or remove your jewelry to prevent contact when doing household chores.

5- The best way to keep the shine of your silver jewelry is to wear it! The friction that is exerted on them while wearing them prevents the surface from blackening.

6- Use a polishing cloth to clean your jewelry and restore their luster by rubbing it gently. We love the Sunshine branded one available here.

7- It is our pleasure to repolish your Maksym jewelry in sterling silver for free. Contact us via the tab CONTACT in order to know the procedure!



Care of stone-set rings


1-Remove your rings to accomplish dirty tasks that could accumulate dirt in the small cavities of the jewelry.

2-Avoid wearing your rings while doing high intensity sports activities that could deform or scratch the metal and stones. Since our jewelry is delicate, it is important to take the necessary precautions to keep it beautiful for a long time.

3-Soak your rings in very hot water with dish soap for 30 minutes. Use a toothbrush to scrub and loosen dirt around the stones. Occasionally we recommend a deep cleaning with our specialized machines in order to completely dislodge the dirt.

4-Check the condition of the claws at least once a year. Over time, metal can deform under the impact of a hard object. If the stone seems to move, remove your ring and contact us to tighten the claws.